Can Paçacıoğlu

Can Paçacıoğlu began mountaineering in 1992 with Yıldız Mountaineering Club and has since trained mountaineers through Yıldız Mountaineering Club, Sabanci University Mountaineering Club and Lycian Mountaineering and Nature Spors Club.

He has challenged himself on climbs throughout Turkey, Russia and America, as well as two years of rock and ice climbing in Denver, Colorado. Time spent in the mountains and on difficult climbs have been his instructors in meditation, respect for the natural world and self-awareness.

He has brought these lessons to, and deepened them further with, his passionate approach to landscape photography. Can's gentle and affirmative manner encourage people to push their limits, face their fears and trust their bodies and their abilities.

In 2015, he was granted AFIAP (Artist of Photography) title by FIAP.

Fathering has taught him a new level of patient perserverence and given him the amazing opportunity to see the world anew through the eyes of his son.

Photographic Art became his new passion. Currently he lives in Fethiye, Turkey, working on several art projects.


- TFSF (Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey)
- İFSAK (İstanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Society)
- YDK (Yıldız Mountaineering Club)
- Lycian Mountaineering and Nature Sporst Club
- Sprit of the Game Foundation